John Culkin

Mr. Culkin founded C&S Building Services, Inc in 1997 to provide Facility Operations, HVAC Design and Construction, HVAC Service and Building Automation Systems.  Under Mr. Culkin’s leadership C&S has grown to over sixty employees and is a recognized leader in the industry and best of the best in the field of facility operations and engineering technical expertise.

C&S clients include Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, LaGuardia Gateway Partners Terminal B, British Airlines JFK Terminal 7, Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center, NYU Hospital for Joint Disease and the Nassau Coliseum.

C&S facility group has operated Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty continuously since 2002.  The automation group at C&S designed and installed the BMS and Life safety systems for the newly renovated Statue of Liberty.  Life Safety controllers were specially desiged and certified for stairway pressurization and active lobby exhaust to ensure visitors have a safe means of egress in event of an emergency. Post Hurricane Sandy C&S designed and installed a complete BMS and Fire system for the Ellis Island Powerhouse and associated buildings keeping the entire system above the five hundred year flood plain and upgraded the system controls to maximize energy conservation while ensuring the interiors meet the stringent environmental requirements needed to safe guard important historical artifacts and national treasures.

C&S currently operates and maintains LaGuardia Terminal B for LaGuardia Gateway Partners.  This challenging project requires the operation of the existing airport terminal with 30 million passengers a year while transitioning to a new terminal being constructed in phases on the same footprint as the old terminal.  The mandate requires all 40 gates to be fully operational throughout the construction process.  In addition to the operation of the terminal C&S acts as the owner’s representative in the startup and acceptance of the new construction mechanical and electrical systems.

In 2018 C&S was recognized as “Dealer of the Year” by Computrols Automation.  C&S using their automation product has become a valued strategic partner to many important clients in the area of energy conservation.  C&S completed the energy renovations to NYU Hospital for Joint Disease 17th Floor MER renovations utilizing state of the art energy control strategies such as cooling tower optimization with both VFD’s and reset of cooling tower approach, chilled water reset, air side economizer optimization and advanced data acquisition and analytics.

C&S has provided the “balance of plant” control solutions to a number of small local Cogeneration plants.